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Psychic Readings and Other Services

Special Notice from GoddessJanis:
(There's a special gift mentioned in my radio show)

Contact me if I can be of service for you: GoddessJanis@Hotmail.com or  1-276-579-2883

Janis writes:

There are so many ways to label a person that I hesitate to admit to having a few of my own. I am an honest, highly sensitive person and a born Seer. I work as a storyteller and psychic, healer and heyoka, for the Great Spirit of creation, compassion and kindness - to benefit my clients. By turning my visions into healing stories, I empower people with their own story and reconnect them to their own Great Spirit. As a highly sensitive person, I have a personal stake in helping other people connect with their joy, with their truth.  Simply put, happy, balanced people are easier for me to be around than surly worry warts! This makes my job as important to me as it is to my clientele and the world, at large. 
          To create joy and truth in a person who is worried and in denial, I must be honest. When I work as a psychic, my spirit searches for what will bring my client balance, happiness and empowerment. Usually, I help folks to discover that they already know they need and how they can provide it, for themselves. This way, I get to give my client the ultimate experience - self-empowerment. Few things give us the same satisfaction as doing it right ourselves! 
           Before I tell a person their story, I ask them to write down the issue they want help with from the reading. Then, I go within, and ask how I might be of good service to the client and do no harm. The answers I get come in all sorts of ways and I try to capture everything into a story for the client. When the appointment time arrives, I tell my client their story. 
          After I finish my delivery, I ask what they wanted to know about. Usually, by the time I ask what was wanted, I've already provided the answer. Would you like to know more? Might I be of service? 
          Honestly, I have one of the best jobs ever invented! I help to empower the Great Spirit that resides in each of us. If you would like to learn what Great Spirit has to offer you, through me, then let's make an appointment! Regular Readings are $150. and last as long as they last - because I don't work for a clock, I work for a Great Spirit.
          To arrange a time, e-mail me at: goddessjanis@hotmail.com or give me a call at: 1276-579-2883
          Find Your Joy

Summer 2018 Special:

Personal Enrichment Weekends with GoddessJanis and her husband, Henry Reed

Combine Art, Dreams, Visions, Nature and your favorite tourist activities



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